Evidence on benefits of thinking & working politically

There is a growing body of evidence demonstrating that programs focused on technical knowledge and capacity alone are insufficient to address development challenges that are rooted in deeply entrenched power structures, and bureaucratic norms that are shaped by these political dynamics. Furthermore, there is growing evidence that flexible, adaptive, politically smart programs can produce tangible results, well beyond traditional programs on the same issues.

Recent case studies from the Philippines, Myanmar, Nepal, Nigeria, India, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, have illustrated how these approaches have led to changes on major development challenges. While the number of cases is still too small for global, systematic comparisons, there is strong case-specific evidence that shifting to a more politically informed approach produces increased impact.

We have started to compile a list of case studies and other useful publications. Our aim is to provide the Community of Practice with a library of resources across different countries and regions and across different sectors. If you have relevant  documents that could be added here for the benefit of the Community and readers, please send to info@twpcommunity.org, along with a brief description.

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