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Global Partners Governance, 10/2016: All About Behaviour: Politics, Institutional Reform and Sustainable Change 

GPSA Knowlsge Platform: http://Political Economy Analysis- a step forward for social accountability and development, or three steps back? Part II  by Colm Allan (Rhodes University)

GPSA Knowledge Platform: Political Economy Analysis: A step forward for social accountability and development, or three steps back? Part I by Colm Allan (Rhodes University)

ESID, 19/8/2016:  Pep Guardiola’s lessons for the politics of development by Tim Kelsall (ODI/University of Manchester)

Global Integrity, 26/7/2016: Politics matters, so what? Time for bigger bets (and more learning) on adaptive programming  by Alan Hudson (Global Integrity)

Politics, Governance and Development, 19/7/2016: The Politics of Accountability and Inclusive Development: Implications for Open Governance governance by Brendan Halloran (International Budget Partnership)

Mercy Corps, 18/7/2016: Adaptive programming significantly improves outcomes in aid work 

USAID, 17/5/2016Adaptive Learning is Taking Hold in the Development Field, but Gaps Between Theory and Practice Remain by Amy Leo (USAID)

FP2P, 17/3/16: Industrial Policy meets Doing Development Differently: an evening at SOAS, by Duncan Green (Oxfam)

NDI, 11/3/15: A Grassroots Perspective on Thinking and Working Politically in International Development, by Aaron Azelton (National Democratic Institute)

The Asia Foundation, 17/2/16: Thinking and Working Politically: A Way Forward on SDG 16, by Debra Ladner (The Asia Foundation)

OECD Institutions & Stability, 4/2/16: Beyond the Limits: Can we Think and Work Politically to achieve the SDGs?, by Heather Marquette (University of Birmingham/Developmental Leadership Program)

OECD Institutions & Stability, 9/2/16: Thinking and working politically: A way forward on SDG 16, by Debra Ladner (The Asia Foundation)

Doing Development Differently, 4/2/16: Are partnership agreements the way forward for Doing Development Differently? by Arnaldo Pellini (Overseas Development Institute/Knowledge Sector Initiative) & Nicola Nixon (Australia Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade, Jakarta)

OECD Institutions & Stability, 1/2/16: The Limits of the ‘Thinking and Working Politically’ Agenda, by Seth Kaplan (John Hopkins University)

DLP Opinions, 29/1/16How does politically informed programming shape development outcomes? by Mark Robinson (World Resources Institute), Heather Marquette (University of Birmingham/Developmental Leadership Program) & Niheer Dasandi (UCL/Developmental Leadership Program)

OECD Institutions & Stability, 14/1/16: Competing for the Future: Propositions of Power and Governance, by Alan Whaites (OECD)

FP2P, 28/10/15: Of Sasquatches and Flexible Programming: A genuine sighting, By Lisa Denney (ODI)

OECD Institutions & Stability, 23/10/15: Welcome to new thinking in governance and beyond, by Frauke de Weijer (OECD)

OECD Institutions & Stability, 19/10/15: Development is inescapably political, by Sue Unsworth (Policy Practice)

OECD Institutions & Stability, 18/10/15: Building Confidence: Service Delivery and Political Settlements, by Alan Whaites (OECD)

ESID, 14/10/15: Bringing politics and economic growth together, by Nicholas Waddell (DFID)

FP2P, 8/10/15: What are governance advisers missing with ‘Political Economy Analysis’? How can they do better? by David Hudson (UCL/Developmental Leadership Program) & Heather Marquette (University of Birmingham/Developmental Leadership Program)

OECD Institutions & Stability, 6/10/15: The Governance Practitioner’s Notebook – Sceptics Welcome, by Alan Whaites (OECD)

FP2P, 23/7/15: What can NGOs/others learn from DFID’s shift to ‘adaptive development’?, by Duncan Green (Oxfam)

OECD Institutions & Stability, 6/7/15Thinking and Working Politically – Enable Add-ons, by Alan Whaites (OECD)

DLP Opinions, 12/6/15: Resources and reflections on gender and thinking and working politically, by Chris Roche, Tait Brimacombe & Gillian Fletcher (La Trobe University/Developmental Leadership Program)

DLP Opinions, 24/6/15: Development cooperation and fighting corruption: thinking differently, by Heather Marquette (University of Birmingham/Developmental Leadership Program)

DLP Opinions, 21/5/15: Gender and power: six links and one big opportunity, by Diana Koester (OECD/University of Oxford)

World Bank Governance for Development, 25/3/15: Busting 5 myths on political economy analysis, by Stefan Kossoff (DFID)

FP2P, 4/3/15: What would persuade the aid business to ‘think and work politically’? by Duncan Green (Oxfam)

Devex, 9/2/15Adapting development: Why it matters and 3 ways to do it  by Leni Wild (ODI)

FP2P, 14/1/15: Is this the best paper yet on Doing Development Differently/Thinking and Working Politically? by Duncan Green (Oxfam)

FP2P, 17/12/14:Local First: an excellent (and practical) counterweight to the more top-down versions of ‘doing development differently, by Duncan Green (Oxfam)

FP2P, 24/11/14: Using aid to strengthen Parliaments: fix the car, or worry about the driver? by by Alina Rocha Menocal (ODI/DLP)

ESID, 7/11/14: What does ESID’s new gendered political settlements framework offer feminist analysis?, by Sophie King (University of Manchester)

ESID, 7/11/14: Doing Development Differently: The future is now-ish, by Pablo Yanguas (University of Manchester)

FP2P, 23/10/14: Thinking and Working Politically update: where have aid agencies, consultants etc got to? by Duncan Green (Oxfam)

African Arguments, 23/10/14: Towards politically smart, locally led development in Africa by David Booth (ODI)

FP2P, 9/10/14: DFID is changing its approach to better address the underlying causes of poverty and conflict – can it work? Guest Post from two DFID reformers, by Tom Wingfield & Pete Vowles (DFID)

FP2P, 24/09/14: How Change Happens: Great new case studies + analysis on ‘Politically Smart, Locally Led Development by Duncan Green (Oxfam)

FP2P, 10/7/14:Why ‘political economy analysis’ has lost the plot, and we need to get back to power and politics,  by Duncan Green (Oxfam)

FP2P, 4/7/14: Is ‘thinking and working politically’ compatible with results? Should advocacy ever be done in secret? , by Duncan Green (Oxfam)

DLP Opinions, 24/6/14: Political analysis as the practical art of the possible, by David Hudson (UCL/Developmental Leadership Program)

DLP Opinions, 19/6/14: Politics shape services; and services shape politics, by Richard Batley (University of Birmingham)

ESID, 17/6/14: Training in Political Economy Analysis, by Sarah Hunt (University of Manchester)

DLP Opinions, 9/6/14: Do donors have realistic expectations of their staff when it comes to ‘thinking and working politically’?, by Heather Marquette (University of Birmingham/Developmental Leadership Program)

ESID, 7/5/14: Politics in the trenches of development: Mainstreaming political economy analysis in aid agencies, by Pablo Yanguas (University of Manchester)

ODI, 18/5/14:Politics shape services; and services shape politics by Richard Batley (International Development Department, University of Birmingham)

DLP Opinions, 6/5/14: Bringing Political Economy Analysis in from the cold, by Jonathan Fisher (University of Birmingham) & Heather Marquette (University of Birmingham/Developmental Leadership Program)

ESID, 29/4/14: Political analysis: sticking plaster or salvation?, by Pablo Yanguas & Chris Jordan (University of Manchester)

FP2P, 8/4/14: “Parlez-vous politics?” Or why working politically is like learning a language by Alina Rocha Menocal (ODI)

ESID, 17/3/14: Political aid thinking, fast and slow, by Pablo Yanguas (University of Manchester)

ESID, 12/3/14: Deciphering the confusing new politics of international aid, by Thomas Carothers (Carnegie Endowment for International Peace)

ESID, 5/3/14: Clues to a better governance agenda?, by Sam Hickey (University of Manchester)

USAID, 21/7/14: Thinking and Working Politically, by Larry Garber (USAID)

DLP Opinions, 13/2/14: Gender – the power relationship that Political Economy Analysis forgot?, by Evie Browne (University of Birmingham/GSDRC)

FP2P, 30/1/14: Can aid donors really ‘think and work politically’? Plus the dangers of ‘big man’ thinking, and the horrors of political science-speak, by Duncan Green (Oxfam)

BeyondBudgets, 23/1/14:The service delivery agenda: beware, there be doughnuts!, by Phillip Krause (ODI)

World Bank, 21/5/13: Transparency and accountability: Bringing the politics back in, by Alina Roche Menocal (DLP)

ODI, 10/5/12:Politics and development: the almost revolution?, by Leni Wild (ODI)

ODI, 5/10/12: Why Political Settlements Matter, by Richard Mallet (ODI)

ODI, 28/10/11: Talking politics and development – new ways to appreciate progress, by Andrew Norton (ODI)

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